Samples of the identity system in applications. Examples from real projects will be added over time, celebrating the creativity and diversity of Adventist designers across the world.





Detailed guidelines for signage are forthcoming, but the below images represent a few samples of what the system could look like. We are actively in the process of establishing global signage guidelines, so please contact GC communication at [email protected] if your are planning on a large regional rollout. As a note, instances of narrow or tall signage (the preferred for free-standing signage) are the only instances where it is recommended to break an entity identifier into more than two lines. In every other instance, the two line versions recommended in the templates should be used.

Preferred Free-standing Signage

Preferred On-building Signage

Alternate Signage Applications

These styles of signage should only be used when the preferred free-standing and preferred on-building signage aren’t allowed.

Church Materials